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Types of engagements

Humanitarian efforts

In total, Denmark has contributed more than DKK 3.55 billion DKK in humanitarian aid since the start of the Syrian crisis. Danish humanitarian support for the Syrian crisis is provided mainly through country-specific and regional grants to Danish civil society organizations and the UN, including not least UNHCR, UNICEF, and UNFPA, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross. The Danish humanitarian aid focuses to a large extent on refugees, internally displaced and affected local communities and is provided, among other things, such as support for the distribution of emergency articles and food, help with rehousing, psychosocial support, assistance to vulnerable women and children, income-creating activities, protection-related initiatives, strengthened access to schooling and health, etc.

Denmark contributes annually with approximately 370 million DKK for humanitarian efforts.


Development efforts

In addition to emergency relief, there has been an increasing focus on more long-term assistance, contributing to a lasting reduction in vulnerability. It includes a focus on strengthened resilience, education, start-up grants and general initiatives that allow people to get back on their feet and support themselves - both in Syria and in neighbouring countries. Support is provided through UN organizations, international and Danish civil society organizations and the Danish-led European Protection and Development Program (RDPP), which focuses in particular on partnerships with local civil society organizations. In addition, significant contributions have been made to the World Bank, which provides loans to Jordan and Lebanon for, among other things, education, health and job creation for both refugees and the host population, as well as an operational partnership with the French Development Agency, Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

Denmark contributes annually with approximately 200 million DKK for development efforts.


Stabilization efforts

Since 2016, Denmark has had a regional peace and stabilization program for Syria and Iraq. The total stabilization support for Syria in the period 2016-2021 has amounted to approx. 421 million DKK. The efforts under the program have i.e. aimed at contributing to the reduction of regional instability, terrorism, migration and displacement. This is done not least by promoting an inclusive political solution to the conflict in Syria through support for the UN Special Envoy to Syria and by working to hold those who have committed war crimes accountable. In addition, it includes support for moderate actors and civil society organizations, which offer an alternative to extremism, and to alleviate the situation in the camps in northeastern Syria.

Denmark contributes annually with approximately 130 million DKK for stabilization efforts.