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Danish engagements in Jordan

In Jordan, there are up to 1.3 million Syrian refugees (including 670,637 registered by the UNHCR), corresponding to over 10 percent of the population of 10.9 million inhabitants. In addition, Jordan also hosts a significant number of refugees from Iraq, Yemen and Sudan. Only a small proportion of the Syrian refugees in Jordan live in refugee camps (about 17 percent), while the rest live among Jordanian host communities.

Despite extensive international financial support, Jordan is strongly challenged by a protracted economic crisis, which is further exacerbated by the massive refugee presence. This is reflected i.e. in rising unemployment and continued pressure on public budgets. Despite this, the country continues to have an inclusive approach to refugees who are allowed to work as well as access to the national health and education system.

Denmark supports initiatives in Jordan that improve refugees' conditions and employment opportunities. It includes i.e. investments in job creation, support for small businesses, educational activities, and efforts to promote girls' and women's rights, etc. aimed at refugees with the aim of building resilience among refugees and vulnerable Jordanians.