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Visa to Lebanon

Danish citizens, coming for tourism, are granted an automatic free one month visa renewable up to three months at the airport and the border centers.
The visa’s validity is extended within the above mentioned period upon attendance of the concerned person to one of the regional General Security districts at least seven days before the expiry date of his visa. The visa validity cannot be extended for more than three months for this category.

Danish citizens, other than tourists, can also obtain their visas at the airport or at the border centers when their scheduled stay in Lebanon does not exceed 30 days.

Diplomats and international staff designated in Lebanon must get their visas from Lebanese Embassies abroad and not upon arrival to Rafic Hariri International Airport. Residence cards will not be issued for these people in case that they have not obtained the visas prior to arrival to Lebanon.

For all other information/ fees on visas to Lebanon, please check the General Security’s web site:

Other visa types are to be obtained, in advance, from the Lebanese Embassy in Stockholm:

Kommendörsgatan 35-II
P.O.Box 5360
102 49
Phone: +46-8-409 367 00
Fax: +46-8-662 68 24

Previous travel to Israel:

If you have any evidence of travel to Israel such exit or entry stamps including Egyptian or Jordanian stamps from border crossings with Israel and/or visas in your passport, or if the Lebanese authories otherwise become aware that you have travelled to Israel, you will be subject to a long and difficult investigation by the security authorities. After long interrogations, Native Danes may be denied access to Lebanon while Danish nationals from Lebanese or Palestinian origins may be arrested and imprisoned.
Please be also aware of the fact that the Lebanese laws and regulations that prevent holders of Israeli nationality to enter Lebanon, even if they hold another nationality.

General Remarks:

• Passports must be valid at least 6 months beyond the stay in Lebanon.

Danish citizens holding Emergency Passports and coming to Lebanon for tourism purposes are granted a free visa at the airport and at the border centers.

The validity of the visa will depend on the length of the emergency passport: