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Strategy for Denmark's Development Cooperation

”The Right to a Better Life” is the name of the new strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation. The goal of the strategy is to fight poverty with human rights and economic growth.

The new strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation ”The Right to a Better Life”, creates the foundation for an effective Danish development cooperation which aims to combat poverty and promote human rights. Economic growth is central to the strategy, but growth should be green and promote social progress in order for it to contribute to improving the lives of poor people and their ability to create a better life for themselves.  All people have the right to a life with equal opportunities. Human rights are therefore the backbone of the strategy. They will also will guide the implementation of concrete development interventions.

The strategy focuses on ownership, results and transparency in the management of our development cooperation. Danish development cooperation must be dynamic and adjusted to the local context in partnership with our priority countries, international actors, the private sector and civil society organisations. Denmark aims to have a global engagement in its development policy, but our concrete efforts will be focused on the poorest countries, where needs are greatest and where we can best make a difference.

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