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Market Visit to Lebanon for Food and Lifestyle companies

As the Lebanese population increasingly enjoys higher stanards of living, the demand for quality design, lifestyle and food products are booming.

Demand for basic needs, such as food and drink, has presently increased considerably, Lebanon has established a well-functioning local production. The local food production, however, is focused largely on quantity and it has created a demand for more diverse options, and especially organic food.

We also see that the demand for fashion in Lebanon mainly leverages to imports from Europe in particular, as the local production capacity does not meet the local demand.Danish brands such as Malene Birger, Pandora, Lindeberg and Ecco are examples of Danish success stories in the Lebanese fashion industry. In addition to the fashion sector, we have many popular Danish brands like B&O, ID design and BO-Concept. The Lebanese preference for Danish designer brands over many others provides room for a potential unique market that should be explored further by Danish companies.

To tap into these opportunities, The Trade Council of Denmark in the MENA region hereby invites Danish companies to join a delegation to Lebanon with focus on the food & lifestyle Market. The porpuse of the delegation is to place focus on Denmarks strongholds in food and lifestyle products.

The delegation will be highlighted by an event with invite-only VIP guets from lebanon and Denmark.The Danish/ Lebanese Michelin star Wassim Halal will be in charge of the culinary experience of the event.

Date: 23 January 2020
Price: two different packages ( see the invitation)
Please sign up before 1 october 2019

For questions or more information, please reach out to the organisers:

Nadia Itani
Commercial Advisor - Design
+961 79112499

Sarah Bo Hansen
Commercial Advisor - Design
+971 50 211 9580

Please downloade the invitation for tentative program and more information.



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