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How to apply for a passport

Whether you want to apply for a passport for the first time or to renew your passport, please read the information related to Danish citizenship to find out if you are eligible for a Danish passport.





Start by filling in one passport application form. Click here


Passports for persons above 18 years of age

  • Your current passport
  • If you have changed your name after your current passport was issued, you must produce the original documentation of your change of name as proof.
  • Original birth certificate translated into English and legalized by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (first time application).
  • Original Certificate of Danish nationality (first time application or if Danish nationality has been retained after age 22).

PS: A digital photograph will be taken by the Embassy.

Passports for persons below 18 years of age

  • Your current passport.
  • A digital photograph will be taken by the Embassy, nevertheless, it might be difficult to capture a suitable digital photograph of children under 3. It is therefore advisable to bring a normal passport photograph to the Embassy according to the following requirements. click here 
  • For a first time passport application, the original birth certificate is needed ( the certificate should be translated into English and legalized by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • A newly issued Individual Extract of Civil registration from the competent Lebanese authorities.
  • Both parents must fill in and sign the consent section on page 3. If one parent has sole custody of the child, documentation must be produced.

    If a parent is not able to show in person, his/her consent is to be given at a Danish Authority (typically the municipality or a Danish Mission abroad) and then forwarded by this authority to the Embassy. It is now possible to provide digital consent for issuing passports to your underage child. If you have Danish Cpr number and NEM ID, you can provide digital consent via this link: The child that is applied passport for does not need to have a Danish cpr number. Once you have submitted digital consent and signed with your NEM ID, you can print a receipt. The same receipt will also be sent to your digital mailbox (e-box). The consent is valid for 90 days.

  • If the child has changed his/her name after the current passport has been issued, the original documentation must be produced as proof.
  • Parents' identification documents.        


The processing time is 3 to 5 weeks


If you wish to travel while your application for a new passport is being processed, you may apply for an extension of the validity of your current passport. A passport can be extended only once and must not have been expired for more than three months.


An emergency passport is a handwritten document which may be issued at the Embassy in case of loss of your Danish passport.

A police report translated into English by a sworn translator and pre-legalised by the competent Lebanese authorities has to be provided to the Embassy. Both the Arabic version and its translation have to be legalised by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Application Fee

Fees cannot be paid at the Embassy.

Please read payment of services

Please call ahead to book an appointment to submit your application.

For a quick and efficient processing, you must collect all the required documents in the mandatory checklist before you submit your application. Failure to submit all the documents may result in unnecessary delays or rejection. See document Checklist

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