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Residence and Work Permit

If you wish to live and work in Denmark, you have to apply for a long stay Visa. Residence and/or work permits must be obtained before entering Denmark

New rules for family reunification of spouses

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All applications for residence and work permit must be submitted to TLS Contact -

Prior appointment is required.


 The Embassy is aware that “ghost consultants” are operating in the area of its outsourcing company TLSContact. These “ghost consultants”  might offer different services against payment of big amounts of money. The Embassy would like to stress that those “ghost consultants” have absolutely nothing to do with TLSContact or the Embassy. It is therefore strongly advised not to accept any assistance from people who might approach you outside the premises of TLSContact.

Information about residence and work schemes in Denmark can be found here.

Once the Danish Immigration Service reaches a decision on a work or residence permit, a notification is sent to the Danish Embassy in Beirut. The decision and the applicant’s passport are then forwarded to the applicant through TLS Contact either with a long stay sticker- if the application is approved- or without a long stay sticker – if the application is refused.

Family Reunification

In the case where a family reunification has been approved by the Danish Immigration Service, the Embassy in Beirut will be requested to issue the long stay sticker to the applicant.

However, it may take 2-3 weeks before the Embassy receives the instruction.

In such cases, the family member already residing in Denmark should book an appointment with the Embassy on behalf of the applicant or the applicant can do so him-/herself.

No third part can make the appointment on behalf of the applicant or make any enquiries concerning the case.


The following documents must be sent to the Embassy by email-  before the appointment :


o  Copy of the decision sent by the Danish Immigration Service to the spouse in Denmark,

o   Copy of the first page of decision received by the Danish Immigration Service,

o Colored copies of the first pages of the applicant’s passport that contain the passport number, photo and validity. Pdf (not WhatsApp),

o   A contact number of the applicant and his/ her current address

In the case where the applicant is Syrian national or Palestinian from Syria, the Embassy will issue the applicant a letter confirming the date of the given appointment. This letter is sent to the family member already residing in Denmark by email. The letter is to be used by the applicant to cross the borders.

On the day of the appointment, the applicant has to appear in person at the Embassy and to bring the following documents:

  • Passport.

In the case where the applicant does not have a passport, a personal ID and an individual extract of registration containing a recent photo of the applicant is requested. The requirement is obligatory for the children under 15 years old.

o   Two recent photos which meet the following requirements click here 

If the applicant fails to bring the above mentioned documents it may not be possible to process the case during the appointment.


Fees cannot be paid at the Embassy. Check the payment for services.

In case you were granted a Danish laissez-passer, you are kindly requested to report to the Lebanese General Security in order to get an exit permit before heading to the airport.

ملاحظة هامة:

في حال تم منحك جواز مرور دنماركي، يتوجب عليك التوجه لمركز الأمن العام اللبناني للحصول على تسوية وضع / اٍذن بالمغادرة قبل التوجه للمطار.