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Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities in Lebanon

14.06.2017  09:53

Lebanon is in need for infrastructure projects, and renewable energy is one of the key potential fields.

The leading investment company FFA Private Bank in Lebanon is expected to unveil a $1 billion structured investment vehicle to channel investments for Lebanon´s energy and infrastructure projects. The vehicle will be named Lebanon Infrastructure Fund with the goal of creating access to unique investment opportunities, according to the FFA, via a regulated, supervised and professionally organized investment vehicle as well as tapping into the diaspora investor base to fund infrastructure, oil and gas, and renewable energy projects.

With Lebanon´s available resources, for instance in the Akkar-area of the north with an average wind speed of 9 meters per second, Lebanon has reasonable potential renewable energy. The FFA added that the Lebanese Energy Ministry launched a tender in 2013 for the construction of 50 to 100 MW wind farms, a project still active in Lebanon. The FFA is calling for multilateral financing where international investments is encouraged.

The Daily Star, “FFA to launch $1 billion infrastructure vehicle”

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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