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Absentee voting for Dec 3rd referendum

08.10.2015  14:02

The referendum regarding transformation of the Danish “opt-out” model on EU justice and home affairs into an “opt-in” model will take place on December 3, 2015.

Absentee voters in Lebanon who wish to vote in the referendum are requested to book an appointment at the Embassy in order for the vote to be counted in the referendum.

Voting starts on October 8th.Please note that it takes approximately one week for the ballots to reach the  municipal authority in Denmark. Vote early to make sure your ballot reaches Denmark in time to be counted.

In order to participate in elections and referenda in Denmark, Danish citizens living abroad must be registered in the electoral register. Click here for application information.

To read more about the referendum please consult the Danish website: or

Please note that it is necessary to make an appointment at the Embassy. This can be done by calling 01- 991 001 Monday-Thursday from 08:00-15:45 and Friday from 08:00-14:00.

In practice, this means that votes must be cast no later than Friday 27th November 2015. It is possible to vote after this date, but it cannot be guaranteed that these votes will reach Denmark in time.

Please bring ID such as passport or driving license.